Christmas Bounce

Arcade style game ideal to add interest to your own website. This Flash Game has Christmas Arcade theme; as you attempt to bounce the Christmas tree decorations across the screen using Gingerbread Mans head. If the decorations hit the ground they smash and you will lose a life. See how many decorations you can get onto the tree before your chances run out!

This Flash Game is written in Adobe Actionscript AS2.0 and is compatible with all versions of Adobe upwards from FL8. Easy to integrate into your own site, and can readily be modified i.e. sounds and/or graphics, or use as is.


If you want to customise this game for your own site, or have a new concept for a game? Our rates are very competitive for custom games design. This game number is 18 and costs $200 USD 'as is' for a full source code license.

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